Of the Krishna kshetras in Bharata, Udupi has a uniqueness of its own. Shri Krishna holding a flute is a stance that is commonplace. In some places He is a cow herder too. However, at Udupi, Shri Krishna resides in His child form holding a churner as a toy. It is a small standing Krishna who adorns a loin cloth and a girdle. Vishwaguru Shri Madhvacharya installed the deity of this allurer at Udupi around 800 years ago.

The worship is offered in accordance with the guidelines laid down by Shri Madhvacharya to date. The seers of the eight mathas established by Shri Madhva are the only ones who have the privilege to touch and worship this deity of Shri Krishna. The opportunity to worship is handed over by one seer to another every two years on a rotational basis. This is called the pooja paryaya chakra. In this manner, Shri Krishna is worshipped continually and vibration of this kshetra has been increasing with every passing day. The distinctive decoration and ornamentation of Shri Krishna everyday is world famous.

The number devotees who visit on a daily basis is over 5000. The food offered to Shri Krishna is served to all these devotees as prasada free of cost. Besides, it is also served as a meal to school students in and around Udupi free of cost. Thus, Shri Krishna here is called annabrahma. Since it is also a place where mantra siddhi takes place, a large number of devotees congregate here for japayajna. Devotees of Shri Krishna also refer to this place as dakshina Vrindavana. The pontiff of Palimaru Matha His Holiness Vidyadeesha Teertha who is currently engaged in the Shri Krishna pooje paryaya has undertaken a project to adorn the tower of the sanctum sanctorum with gold and offer it to Shri Krishna. 


The quantum of gold required is about 100 kgs.

The tower would first be covered with a layer of copper, followed by silver and finally gold.

Every sheet of gold shall be engraved with the sarvamoola scriptures of Shri Madhvacharya..

The hamsa mantra which is recited by Vayu devaru perpetually shall be engraved at the borders of the tower.


Devotees too could join-in in this divine undertaking. Shri Krishna Matha has devised a easy monthly donation scheme for the convenience of devotees. Devotees may contribute between Rs.251.00 to Rs.1000.00 every month for a period of 12 months towards the golden tower.

Come, let us all participate in the construction of a golden tower for the shrine of Shri Krishna. Let us rejoice in its splendour. Let us earn the grace of Shri Krishna Mukhyaprana.

Donations may be made in easy monthly instalments in the following denominations:

  • Rs.251.00 per month for a period of 12 months
  • Rs.501.00 per month for a period of 12 months
  • Rs.1000.00 per month for a period of 12 months


Donations towards this project may be made at all branches of the renowned jewellery merchant Bhima Jewellers.

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